Frequently Asked Questions

These are Elemental's most frequent questions and answers about post mastectomy recovery, prosthetic reconstruction, and our thermal bras.

Why am I so cold?

Women diagnosed with breast cancer, or the BRCA (BReast CAncer) mutated gene, who have undergone mastectomy and prosthetic reconstruction, often find that their chest is uncomfortably cold. Unfortunately, a mastectomy removes nearly all of the breast tissue that would normally carry blood flow and regulate body temperature. Only the skin and a very thin layer of muscle remain over the implants. The implants are continuously attempting to reach equilibrium with room temperature. Because of this nearly 30 degree difference (98-70), these women are literally chilled to their core.

How can Elemental help with my core temp?

Our thermal bras provide a beautiful and warm solution to help strong women like you stay comfortable. We have a patent pending multi-layer design. With this, the bra retains body heat and is proven to be up to 33% warmer than a typical bra. Our bra locks out the cold while presenting a fashionable design that makes women feel beautiful.

How is Elemental different ?

Elemental wants to provide women with a functional solution to the cold. We strive to make them feel beautiful, unstoppable, and able to do the things they love, unrestricted by the cold. Nurturing confidence through function and fashion, women can not only embrace themselves, but also Embrace the Elements.

Will I feel normal in this bra ?

Yes. Many women who have undergone this traumatic surgery become self-conscious. They feel like they have lost a part of themselves after mastectomy recovery. Women just want to be able to wear a bra that does not constantly remind them of the struggles. Rather, they are looking for a bra that appears as a normal, fashionable, everyday bra. Check out our testimonials to hear what Thrivers have said about Elemental thermal bras.

How many surveys were completed by Elemental ?

Elemental has facilitated three customer surveys.  The first survey was completed by women who have undergone prophylactic  (preventative) mastectomy. We found this group to place high importance on functionality and comfort, but also on its’ style. Participants were willing to spend an additional $40 or more for this thermal bra than a traditional bra. The second survey was completed by 40-70 year old breast cancer survivors who underwent double mastectomy with prosthetic reconstruction. One hundred percent of participants suffered from the side effect of cold breasts with  77% suffering frequently or continuously. The third survey was open to all women with reconstruction and sought to gauge product interest. From that survey we were able to ascertain color and style preferences as well as price-point.

Was there an independent study done ?

Yes. Via an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved wearer trial, fifteen women wore two differently styled thermal bras and a traditional store-bought bra. The wearer trial was facilitated in an environmentally control chamber set at 68 degrees F. One hundred percent of participants found the Elemental thermal bras to be considerably warmer than the comparative store bought bra. The objective thermistor measurement data supported their findings. The Elemental thermal bras allowed women to retain their starting body temperature over a 30 minute exposure. Subsequently, their skin temperature in the retail bra dropped continually over the 30 minute time period.

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