Our Story

Our Mission

What started off as a class project at Central Michigan University quickly escalated into a mission to change the way women feel in their bra. In September 2016, our team met a woman named Jodie who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction. Jodie explained the ongoing struggle of battling an uncomfortable cold feeling in her chest and we knew there had to be something better…
The bra that started it all

Our Journey

Our Journey started with the goal to fill a need for warmth after mastectomy. The “Barney Bra” as we so lovingly named it, came into fruition. Over two years, countless hours of research, wearer trials & surveys, our bra morphed into the beautiful, thermal bras we now have available for breast cancer survivors and previvors alike. Click through to see the journey of our bras.

Our Team Leader

Emily Austin

Chief Executive Officer

We’re making better bras for women…

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Our Vision

To be the go-to brand for beautiful, uniquely functional bras for breast cancer survivors and women everywhere.

Our Support

We’ve got your back and they’ve got ours!

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